Real Life Mastermind

Tuesday was the first formal session of the revamped Real Life Networking Mastermind.

We discussed what I see as Phase 1 of the Mastermind – group/ team building, to strengthen the bond between the players. Think of a molecule that is hard to break because of the tight connection between the individual atoms. That’s one of our first tasks. It can take months or it can happen in an instant. I asked that we do it faster so that we can get down to serious work.

We had a pretty full house – 10 people myself included. We will have to limit membership in this group to a maximum of 12, which I think is actually pushing it a bit. The faces will probably shuffle for a while as people determine their level of engagement. I asked everyone in the room to look at this as a 12 month arc that can produce dynamic, positive outcomes. I’m frankly in the mood for some miracles!

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