What if Selling Was… Easy?

Among other things I have been a dancer, a salesman, a sales manager, a sale trainer, a sales and life and business coach, and a network marketer/team builder. In every one of these roles I have found myself and the people I worked with finding ways to make something that is really straightforward into a … Read moreWhat if Selling Was… Easy?

Th 15-Minute Workday

This is one “From the Vault”. First Published  November 5, 2003 in the Coach’s Notes Newsletter This week’s article takes on special significance as we view recent events in both our own and our clients’ businesses and lives. A common theme I hear time and again is “overwhelm” – job, family, life – you name it … Read moreTh 15-Minute Workday

Stop Dialing It Back.

When I was a very small boy something very insignificant happened that changed the course of my life. We were poor. Not dirt po’, not sharecropper po’, but we didn’t have much money. My father had been gone a long time, my now-single mother, and her mother, and my older brother were now my only … Read moreStop Dialing It Back.